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Blazing Fast DNS network, using Anycast technology


Cryptographic Signing, DNSSEC, DDoS mitigation techniques


Need to adhere to the NIS 2 Directive? SOC2? ISO27001? We've got you covered.

Superior Speed

Speed is paramount in our digital age, and DNS Guru is fully committed to ensuring you stay ahead. Our unique advantage? A globally distributed network of edge nodes, meticulously positioned to be as close as possible to your end users. This geographical distribution reduces latency significantly, providing lightning-fast load times no matter where your users are located.

But it's more than just placement; our network is specifically tuned for optimal anycast performance. This dedication ensures your zone updates are propagated across our edge nodes within seconds. With DNS Guru, you experience the perfect blend of superior speed and reliability in one package.

In a world where every second counts, DNS Guru ensures you're always at the forefront.

Top Tier Security

Security is a non-negotiable in the digital world, and DNS Guru is your strategic partner in fortifying your digital assets. Our defense strategy is powered by a globally distributed network of edge nodes, offering robust anti-DDoS mitigation. This dispersal of traffic not only mitigates the impact of DDoS attacks but also ensures your services remain operational, regardless of threat levels.

Beyond formidable defenses, we're also your ally in meeting regulatory standards. Our services are designed to help you adhere to the stringent European NIS-2 requirements for critical infrastructure. With DNS Guru, you're not just securing your services, you're ensuring that your operations meet and exceed the strictest global security standards.

Choose DNS Guru for a DNS service that offers more than just speed and reliability – choose a partner dedicated to securing your digital future.

Compliance and Roadmap

At DNS Guru, we place paramount importance on maintaining and exceeding industry standards for DNS services. As proud members of the ICANN's KINDNS initiative, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and are pleased to consistently achieve the maximum score.

We also operate within a robust security framework that is compatible with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards. On top of that, we're fully compliant with the European NIS2 directive which aims at protecting Europe's cyber infrastructure.

But we're not stopping there. Our team is continuously working to innovate and develop exciting new features. These include full domain validation and DNSSEC checks for even greater security, as well as extensive reporting capabilities for in-depth insights and analytics.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, we're dedicated to staying ahead, always expanding our services and enhancing our offerings to deliver the best to our customers. At DNS Guru, our continuous evolution is fueled by our commitment to excellence and our desire to serve you better. Stay tuned for the next level of DNS services, only from DNS Guru.

About Us

We are DNS Guru, your trusted partner in delivering premium anycasted DNS services. With over 25 years of DNS experience, our technical founder and his team team have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver superior speed, unrivaled security, and compliance with industry standards for domain names. We've honed our expertise to build a service that caters specifically to the needs of enterprises and hosting providers/ISPs. We believe in the power of resilient, secure, and compliant DNS services, and our mission is to provide that, consistently and reliably.

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